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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is The Aladdin Company about?

    The Aladdin Company’s’ web platform is a one stop solution for comprehensive home, office & facility maintenance services where you can hire trusted and verified professionals including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, pest control, appliance repairmen, painters, and photographers.

    What kind of services can I request through The Aladdin Company?

    The Aladdin Company is currently connecting users with professionals in the following services:

    1. Electrical Work
    2. Plumbing
    3. Carpentry
    4. Painting
    5. Home Appliance
    6. CCTV Security
    7. Poshish
    8. Pest control / Fumigation
    9. Photography
    10. Catering & event Décor
    11. Cleaning
    12. Flooring
    13. Fabrication
    14. Civil Work
    15. Water Tank Cleaning
    16. Gardening

    How much will I be charged for the service?

    Most of the services are based on service-specific metrics (number of sockets, square feet of floor, house size, etc.) Make sure you look at both the estimate given to you by the professional and the minimum charge for each service to make sure you know exactly how you will be charged before requesting a service. Once the professional arrives at the premises, you will be responsible for paying at least the minimum charge. Don’t forget that any materials will be billed in addition labor cost. If you are not satisfied with the service provided or the amount you were charged, let us know and The Aladdin Company will send a professional to fix the problem or give you a refund (see terms of the User Protection plan).

    Will I get an estimate before the professional starts working?

    Yes, you should. After communicating with the professional you should ask for an estimate. If you still want more information about how long a service might take or what type of materials may be needed, we encourage you to communicate directly with the professional once the job has been accepted.

    When do I pay for my services?

    We encourage you to make the payment as per your communication & understanding with the professional – the exact nature of payment might vary depending on the scope of work.

    How can I be sure that the professional who accepts my service request will do a great job?

    We only have seasoned professionals on our vendor-list, most with foreign or local experience with renowned companies. However, we always encourage users to to do satisfactory interview of the professional when proceeding with any task.

    Will I be notified of which professional will be servicing my request?

    Yes, The Aladdin Company, shall notify you as to who exactly will be dealing with your service; and will provide you with a brief profile of the professional vendor for your satisfaction.

    What is the User Protection Plan?

    If you are not satisfied with the service provided let us know and we will send a professional to fix the issue or give you a refund.

    What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    You may cancel your appointment without incurring a fee until the professional has indicated that they are on their way to the job. If you cancel after the professional has indicated that they are on their way to the job you will be charged a Pak Rupees 250 as cancellation fee. If the professional does not arrive at the premises of the job within a reasonable amount of time after the expiry of the appointment window, your cancellation fee will be waived.

    Do you offer Annual Home / Office maintenance subscription?

    Our unique annual subscription packages – Aladdin Maintenance Cover (AMC) – offer a comprehensive solution to any property with unlimited scope of services, trusted professionals, cashless transactions, year long convenience & guaranteed satisfaction. Call us for a customized offer!